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This section is dedicated to the latest news, notes, and important information of the activities held within the PNFPG as well as the Fjord community that have additional information not listed on our Calendar of Events page.  Please be sure to check out the drop down links to our calendar and meeting minutes for additional items of importance.  If you have items worth noting and would like to share with our members, please contact the Editor at: pnfpgwebmaster@gmail.com or fill out the "Contact Us" form on the "About Us" page.

Spring Meeting Conference Call

***Will be in February or March - Date to be determined and will be posted when confirmed.  Details for joining the conference call will be posted on our website and Facebook about a week prior to the date, and if possible, will be emailed to members.***


32nd Annual International Fjord Horse Show

July 24-26, 2020

UPDATE 5/7/2020:  This event has been canceled.  A letter from our Secretary:

To all of our PNFPG club members and friends,

It is with sadness in our hearts that the show committee and officers have had to come to the conclusion that the annual PNFPG show will have to be cancelled for 2020 due to complications from COVID-19.  To that end I am sending an email to all of our club members to let them know because not everyone will see the post on facebook but please pass the word because not everyone has or reads their emails either.


There are just too many things that are out of our control which could negatively affect the show such as whether or not they will open the Canadian border or whether there will be a second wave of C19 later on after people start getting back to work.


In addition, from conversations with members we have determined that:

·         the economy has tanked and many of our members from the Pacific Northwest have seen their income sources dry up or severely reduced, leaving no extra funds to participate in a show.

·         Our judge would need to fly in from Michigan and though she wants to support the show and would do it if we asked, she did not feel comfortable taking the risk and was very relieved when we advised her of the cancellation.

·         We could do some social distancing of a sort at the show but that is awkward outside of the arena and though we can have wipes available, most of the tables, benches and other facilities can’t be sterilized.

·         Without a good turnout at the show, it would operate at a financial loss and we could already tell that the number of competitors who would still be able to come would not be enough to cover expenses.

·         The consensus from everyone on the facebook chat was that cancelling was the best idea and by doing so now, rather than last minute, it saves people from paying for unnecessary Coggins and health certificates.


We will miss seeing everyone.  Thank you to those who had already volunteered or were planning to come and help.  We will try to have a big show and reunion in 2021 so please plan to attend.


We still need to have our second club meeting which was scheduled for Friday night, July 24th.  It will now probably be a conference call or a zoom meeting.  We will let you know.


As far as I know all of the events on the event list have been cancelled as well, but we encourage everyone to plan some trail rides and playdays with members near you.  Please don’t forget to renew your memberships to help keep the club going.  If there is anything we can help you with as far as publishing local activities, let us know.


Linda Stevenson

PNFPG Secretary


Syttende Mai Parade

May 17, 2020

Ballard, WA


Please check the Calendar of Events tab for details and information on this event.



Fall Membership Meeting

July 25, 2020

Update 5/7/2020:  Details to be announced.


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